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I do quite a bit of reclaimed lumber and the biggest problem isn't metal. It's grit. Bi metal blades just laugh at nails and other softer metals but the trapped grit in the wood just kills any blade.
Having said that I have tried using a Lennox diemaster 2, which is a bimetal blade. It only lasted slightly longer than a cheap carbon blade when resawing old dirty wood. I have also used a palletmaster bi metal blade used for cutting up pallet material, but sadly same story.
My carbide blades would probably solve this but trashing a $120-$240 blades isn't my idea of a good time.
What is my solution? Since I can get a 1 1/2 inch blade on my saw. I just buy boxes of 1 1/4 inch band mill blades.
Since I don't know what size saw you have, I guess I can only make a general recommendation. Buy lots of the most reasonable 4 or less tpi carbon blades and change them out. Clean your wood as best as you can without losing the look of the wood.
Skip the Woodslicer, kerfmaster, Timberwolf type blades they will die a painfully expensive death.
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