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I like the Timberwolf blades. Good value for the price. There are other good blade manufacturers but I have stuck with Timberwolf.

When I first started to use my bandsaw I thought more teeth per inch would be better.

These days I like fewer tpi. I am not expecting a bandsaw cut to be a "finish" cut.

Fewer tpi cut easier and faster.

I presently have a 3/8in x 6 tpi blade on my 17in Grizzly bandsaw. It is cutting fine.

I did like the way the 1/2in x 4 tpi blade cut - before I bent the blade. :huh:

For my future orders I am going with 3 or 4 tpi. Not sure of 3/8in vs 1/2in. For cutting log blanks, I may be better with 1/2in.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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