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AWFS. A gloat of the first order!

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As some of you might know, LOML and I will be in Las Vegas for the AWFS show in the Woodworker's Supply booth (#10168). I've held off on posting this until now because it was still up in the air until a few days ago, BUT....

I have been tapped to do the demonstration of the midi-lathe at the show!! I'll be in the booth, turning pens and maybe even a small cherry bowl and possibly one other item (I'm taking a piece of maple with me too).

I've been turning only since late last summer, but apparently someone decided that my skills are sufficient that I can demonstrate. I'm honored, but I'm also terrified, because there will be attendees from all over the world and I'll be standing there shaking in my boots while wielding a turning tool. Wish me luck!!!!

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Good luck...and wear a turtle neck. You don't want to distract them all from the demo by digging lathe chips out of you know where :yes:.
I see you changed your avatar after I posted, you have the full turning getup. I reckon you have had your shirt pockets filled up enough times you didn't need my first piece of advice :laughing:.
I remember years ago I learned a lesson about turning shavings, shirt pockets and washing machines. Make sure to get all the walnut out of my pockets before I put my shirt in the washer with my wifes clothes. She did not like the polka dot die job I did on her stuff :no:.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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