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Hey All,
Been awhile since I've been here (very busy) but I bring gifts!
I had to make some mirrors for my new bath and quickly realized my father's saying is true, nothing is easy. I got it done ok but it took forever getting the 45's EXACTLY perfect (which they need to be for such things).
So I found a jig in a woodworking magazine and I'm kicking myself for not coming up with this simple prize! I added a few little extra's for myself. And I'm going to add "legs" to get the length's perfect too.
This sled has already saved me in several other projects. I love it.
If anyone wants the schematics let me know.
See where a right triangle can get ya? Looks good. You could just start off with using a large plastic drafting template right triangle to final trim (with a flush trim bit) a slightly oversized template.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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