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I am not a carpenter, nor anything close to resembling one, but I have to construct my own outdoor aviary... Can anyone please help? Essentially I need plans for constructing a simple but very sturdy wooden frame, about 3m L x 2m H x 1.8m D, that a non-woodworker can follow.

More specifically:

- Mesh will be attached to the wooden frame. (The mesh will be from a roll and painted black.)

- The shape will be broadly rectangular, but:
- the front (long side) will be slightly higher than the back to give a drainage angle to the roof.
- the front (3.5m) will be wider than the back (3.0m), to give better viewing access from the front.

- About 40% of the roof will be fully covered for shelter; the remainder will be mesh. Covering can be a metal or plastic material (not wood).

- The left rear corner (i.e. part of the side and back) will also be covered with a similar material.

- There'll be a 'safety door' of some kind in the rear righthand corner, to prevent fast-flying escapees when a human enters the aviary - a simple 'air lock' design of some kind.

- It will need a foundation to attach to that's very sturdy (Read: storm-proof) but not a major construction project. I'm thinking earth laid over the top of vermin-proofing wire, with besa brick surrounds that the wood attaches to. (The site is currently earth.)

...and I need to be able to do most of this myself (Read: girl), without hassling my other half too often for help!!

Thanks for any assistance!!

Finchy :)
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