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Attention, Pen Turning enthusiasts: (and others, of course)

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I just replenished my supply of cloth-backed sandpaper strip cut-offs, used mostly for my lathe turning. I frequently order from Klingspoor’s Woodworking Shop in North Carolina because IMO, they have good bulk prices, name-brand tools and hundreds of woodworking accessories, in all categories.

During my latest website visit, I noted that they have an unbelievable supply of pen turning blank varieties, pencil leads, refills, kits for pen turnings, and other unique items for a desired custom-turned handle.

Here's one of my favorites: (website page 11)

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I’ve noticed on the forum that pen turning seems to becoming a popular topic with many members, and chose to share my website observation. Personally, I'm not familiar with what a good price is for pen turning items, but maybe it can be an added resource to your present supplier lists.

Here’s the direct weblink for Pen Turning: Turning - Pen Turning - Page 1 - Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
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Quit posting this stuff... I'm still in recovery for getting obsessed with pen turning last fall...I have enough pen kits...I dont need any more...

I dont need any more....dangit...those blanks are pretty cool...
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Been tempted to cut some of the big vines out in my woods and offer blanks in poison ivy and Virginia Creeper. I do have an inch thick piece of blue berry bush trunk.
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Ok I too have just discovered pens and to add to the pain and suffering have a look here . It is a forum I joined recently based down under. Specifically for pens read on but only use one eye you could hurt yourself .
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