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I got this armoire that's made of wormwood or some sort of distressed wood. The slightest bit of movement, ( like opening the drawers) causes sawdust to fall out of the holes in the wood. I have tried vacuuming it and pounding it while vacuuming it still saw dust. Does anyone have any suggestions of a way to seal the wood to keep the sawdust in?

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This is a frequent problem where I live.
Sounds like termites or some other wood-eating insect are active in the piece.
The wormwood reference adds to my suspicion.
Furniture is here often made from insect-contaminated woods like the local Mahogany and will "rain" sawdust for years.
Do little piles of sawdust appear whether it is touched or not?
Sounds like insect-treatment might be more effective than trying to seal them in.
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