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Have any of you ever used a dental compressor for trim work? I frequently need to work late nights in public areas and we're always looking for ways to install quietly. I've been looking at some compressors made for dental/medical purposes that are 48dB and even less. They are oil-less, so they probably won't last too long but I would only use it a few times a month. They can deliver max 115psi, fine for brad guns and staplers. Any opinions on this?
I think a lot would depend on the size of the tank and what CFM can be delivered. I used to work maintenance in a call center so background noise was important. I have a Porter Cable C2002, 6 gal, 150 psi compressor. I used to charge it up make in the maintenance shop and bring it out on the floor unplugged. I could get about 2 dozen shots out of a 18 gauge brad nailer before I had to take it back to the shop. I don't know about a dental compressor. Would the CFM be able to keep up with a brad nailer? :blink:
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