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Does anyone own the Steel City 40630CH Jointer (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Steel-Ci...nary-Jointer-40630CH/203012646#.UgpRsj_3MiU)? Do you like it?...regret the decision?

I have a small home (hobby...weekend fun) shop and that model seems perfect from looking at the assembly instructions. I like that model because it looks like the stand isn't needed and then I can just put it on an aftermarket stand to roll away when not in use (or put over my planer).

What I like:

  • 45" cast iron table + fence.
  • It can be made benchtop
  • I can order it from Home Depot and return if it's a disaster.
  • helical cutters
What I am unsure about:

  • I've never seen one nor read a professional review and the amazon/HomeDepot reviews are few in number.
  • Universal Motor
  • Not cheap and I don't know much about Steel City. At $550, I know that's a good deal for a good jointer, but it's still not cheap. If I pay that much money for a jointer, I want it to be the last one I ever buy.
I know folks are going to respond to me telling me to look at Craigslist and I will. I am not in a hurry to buy this, so I will certainly check for suitable ones used.

However, space is a huge premium. I would love to have something that can be put out of the way very easily when not in use. It's just that most jointers have integrated stands and it looks like you'd lose dust collection if you tried to mount them to another stand.

This one will be a bear to lift, but I could easily put it on top of my planer or move it out of the way a few times a year. One option is always to get a mobile miter saw stand, like the DeWalt DWX726, which I am contemplating doing anyway for my planer so I can secure both against the wall and open up space when I am not milling lumber (buy 2 stands and lay them vertical, tied into place so they don't tip).

Has anyone owned that jointer? How have your experiences been?
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