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Forgotten but not gone
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. . . . . but these are only my opinions, so no aggression please. . . . .
Sounds like you have been a member of some pretty hostile forums. :smile: We have had very little of that here so don't worry.

Bob Marino is a hero to some I guess. I look up to very few as we are all just sinners, but I guess I have the most respect for Sam Maloofs work.

Yes the Domino is triggering some debate. I bet it is a nice tool to have but no way no how am I gonna pay that kind of dough for something I can do by hand. I am sure it has its place in a small production shop for certain jobs but I don't have a small production shop and hope I never do.

I know the Domno is bound to be stronger but I have never had a biscuit joint fail on me. I will spend the $1K elsewhere.

Thanks for your perspective that is what this place is all about.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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