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Hi TT,

That's an interesting Advertorial. I don't want to get into a "he says she says" with Bob Marino, who I believe is treated as a celeb over there.
What is said about the Domino is essentially correct and I believe that it makes projects not available now to some people become much more accessible. My main points are not so much grievances as maybe adding a little more reality to the argument. I have 6 different Festool products and I can tell you that only two worked as they should straight out the box. Most issues were easily fixed by me, but that's the truth of it.
There's a couple of points that I would like to make regarding the article, but these are only my opinions, so no aggression please.
1. The dominoes do swell in humid conditions, such that they will become hard to fit in the mortise. This is easily fixed as I have mentioned earlier.
2. The pistons need to be looked after well and don't respond to rough treatment. They should be oiled with light machine oil regularly, I guess depending on your usage. If they are not looked after, plunging becomes very stiff and you can end up with the plunger stuck up against the back of the plate and not be able to move it. This IMHO, is a routine job which is not mentioned in our manual, but may be in yours.

Hope this helps,


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. . . . . but these are only my opinions, so no aggression please. . . . .
Sounds like you have been a member of some pretty hostile forums. :smile: We have had very little of that here so don't worry.

Bob Marino is a hero to some I guess. I look up to very few as we are all just sinners, but I guess I have the most respect for Sam Maloofs work.

Yes the Domino is triggering some debate. I bet it is a nice tool to have but no way no how am I gonna pay that kind of dough for something I can do by hand. I am sure it has its place in a small production shop for certain jobs but I don't have a small production shop and hope I never do.

I know the Domno is bound to be stronger but I have never had a biscuit joint fail on me. I will spend the $1K elsewhere.

Thanks for your perspective that is what this place is all about.
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