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any suggestions?????

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i am installing a 30"x80" interior solid core wood door. I am also custom making the jambs for this door. My problem is that the wall leans in about 1" from bottom plate to top plate. However my inside jamb is plumb and the header jamb is level also the striker jamb is plumb but if i put the level on the wall it shows that it leans in about 1" . I think this might cause the top of the door to not be flush and cuase it to be out at the top. Any suggestions.....i was wondering if i moved the top hinge out and bottom hinge in this might help.....is this the way to go???
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its all good

yeah old houses are a real pain in the butt, not to mention that the floor is not level but that goes to say anyway for 120 year old house. Hey nice work i checked out your gallery pics. As for my custom door prob, i am just going to to what i can....shim shimmney shim shim!
door solution

Door came out mint, i decided to set my top hinge out just a little and set the bottom hinge in just about 1/8" from edge of jamb, middle hinge in between. I thought that since the wall leaned in it would be pretty bad although it turned out ok.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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