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Hey everyone!

I'm new here - my name is Andrew Bouchard and I currently live in Panama City, Florida. I'm very new to woodworking, but I'm a mechanical engineer by training, so a lot of the things that I have been reading dovetail (pun!) really well with things I've already learned professionally.

I'm getting into this for a few reasons. First is that I love wood furniture, so I have wood floors, a wood deck, a rolltop desk from 1890, and I have some designs in mind for a few more pieces. I prefer to work on things myself, so I want to be able to maintain my furniture and to make new pieces for the house.

More generally, although both my degrees are in mechanical engineering, I develop autonomy software for underwater robots in my professional career, so I don't get much hands-on time. I'm dying to work with my hands, and wood is a lot more tractable than metal for a home shop.
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