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The renowned trainer David Day from Odd School will conduct an exclusive training session focusing on Sketchup for Production. The workshop will be held on 17 to March 21 from 19h to 23h and entries are open for the Workshop.

In this workshop the attendees can learn how to model and analysis concepts in SketchUp to enhance further and detail 3D model of the selected concept. The attendees will also come to know the best possible methods for exporting the model to other 3D program like 3ds max for getting superior quality in lighting, materials and shadows.

After that the attendees will get acquainted with how to apply Photoshop for composing the final image involving all the information from the images previously generated inside Sketchup and 3DS Max, or "painting" over using as reference images taken from the Sketchup model.

This workshop will be ideal for illustrators, concept artists, 3D artists as well architects.

The cost for undergoing the workshop is 150 € for existing and ex- students of Odd School, and 200 € for outside participants.
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