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An Even Trade

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I asked my friend how much he'd want to stain our deck and he said he had a better idea….
He has a small apartment and needed a computer center that also had some shelving for books, etc.
He already had a glass table top he wanted to make use of and there was a little used corner he thought would be a perfect place for it. As luck would have it, this corner's back wall had a protruding 10" deep ledge. and was at an acceptable height for our 'desk'
This meant, in order for us to support the glass top, I only had to build a single lower cab to support the left side and simply attach a cleat on the right hand return wall to support THAT side of the top.
As the glass was only 42" wide along it's front edge, I had to build this cabinet somewhat narrow to allow a comfortable width for the sitting area.
So we made it only 12" wide and I included a small drawer at the top. For fun, I made a hidden pocket on the backside of that drawer.

Then we made the shelving section, to sit above the counter, against the back wall.
He took a bar stool he already had and painted all three pieces to match.

I'll build him a small swing out arm on the right hand wall to mount his monitor on so it can be swiveled out of the way when not in use.

I don't think these photos will adorn the pages of 'Fine Home Building' magazine but… he's a happy guy… & my deck is protected from the elements for another couple of years. Like a lot of 'trades' (no cash involved), this was a win-win.:yes:

Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, Inc.
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That really looks good Russell, How does your deck look? I like those trade-outs. Just be careful of the cost.
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he's a friend, Derl / I worked less hours than had I stained it myself & he would have stained my deck for free so we're both good / the deck looks amazing... I'll do a post about it soon :yes:
Nice magazine choice on the desk.......
If you're both happy then it was a worthy trade. :thumbsup: That cabinet looks pretty good for only an hour's work. I wish I could churn work out that quickly. That's at least a full weekend for me. Probably longer.

Nice magazine choice on the desk.......
I'll bet he only reads it for the "articles".
I said 'less hours', not 'less than an hour' / but 2 & 1/2 hrs was what it took / all I do is make carcasses for cabs most days so my shop is geared for this work
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