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Aloha all! I'm on the island of Maui. (that's the translation ;) )

I am 47; a former trim carpenter and circular stair specialist from North Carolina relocated here after the Crash of '05 (the year the Crash actually started). After a couple of stints before the construction business died here I've been building stage scenery and props for corporate events and weddings.

I have avoided doing finishing and using chemicals for all of my career, but things are different now and I am picking up business in various furniture repairs that insist upon finishing knowledge. I am talented and a fast learner but VERY skittish about taking that first step: saying "Of course, Mrs. Kitigawa, I can refinish your Edo period tonsu kimono armoire, no problem!"

I have been taking small repairs and have built lots of banquet furniture and teak specialties for the resorts here but none of that is pro-grade finishing; now the phone is starting to ring and I need to answer it confidently.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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