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Aloha all,

I was doing a internet search and came upon this site and thought I would join in. I love all types of woodworking but most tools used in my shop are the Bandsaws, scrollsaw, routers and table saw of course. These days I make allot of wooden trivets with an Island look and different boxes..from regular to fancy bandsaw boxes. Being retired allows me plenty of time to play in my 20'X40' shop...yea right, the Honey do list is pretty long around here. ;)

We moved to they Big Island of Hawaii about 9 years ago and love it here. Setting on 3 acres in the middle of about 300 acres. Nearest neighbor is about 1/2 mile. We have an animal rescue where we take in abused dogs and cats. We try to find homes for them, but most people want puppies and kittens, not full grown, so I guess the 14 dogs and 20 odd cats have found a good home. Oh yea, lets don't forget the chickens. :eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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