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Well maybe. :blink: :laughing:
2 X4's are clunky. I wouldn't use them. I would make 3 separate cases, 32" wide each. Attach the shelves through the sides and back and don't make them all the same height from the bottom. If they are different spacing, an item may fit on a taller shelf. I would use Aruco ply, it's a good grade of Pine plywood and will paint up nicely. You can use particle board, but it's heavy, doesn't have a lot of strength for shelving, makes a lot of dust when to sand or saw it, and will take several coats of paint to seal it up nicely. I would not use it myself, although I have in the past for utility shelving where appearances didn't matter, like garage storage.

You can use iron-on edge banding or glue on some narrow strips to the edges to clean them up. Where the cabinets join to one another in the center, there will be double thickness. You may want to double the 2 ends to have them match, I would.

The reason I would makes separate cases is primarily for strength, no frame needed. Shelves have a limited span before they sag and 32" is the maximum for 3/4" plywood. By putting a back on each case, you will greatly increase the strength, or you can assemble them as one piece, and put a back of 1/4" on the entire unit all at once.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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