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Advice needed: how to remove this old door

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to remove the door from this old cabinet to make it a little easier to clean and paint, but I have no idea how.
I'm not familiar with this system, so any tips or ideas would be very welcome.
Unscrewing everything doesn't seem like an option at the moment, since you can't reach all of the screws.
I have added a few pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about.
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum, Hanne - not much room to get the 2nd screw out, is there.
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Probably one end only has the one outer screw. I've never seen anyone put more than one screw in that type hinge top or bottom. Worst case scenerio you might have to take a hack saw blade and cut the pin off. The hinges are two separate pieces, one piece with a pin on the end of it and another which is just a piece of metal with a hole in it.
it is also possible that the top pin is spring loaded - allowing the top to be released, tilted out, lift out bottom pin.
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Looks like there's access to the bottom hinge screws. Remove the two screws (one looks bunged up). The upper pivot hinge will also have the same two screws exposed for access as those legs of the hinge are perpendicular to the door when opened. They are NOT removed by removing the screws that are in the door - those can be removed when you have the door laying on your workbench.

Remove the upper and lower hinge screw pairs and the door will come out.

Interesting that you can still see the original pencil marks where the upper hinge was let-in to the wood with a chisel.
Try taking the drawer out and see if there is a hole for you to press down the top pivot pin, try a drill bit or nail punch ???
He should only have to unscrew the two bottom screws and twist it out
He should only have to unscrew the two bottom screws and twist it out
Right, the two screws for the top pivot and bottom pivot are clearly visible when the door is open - JUST LIKE IT WAS DESIGNED.

Remove both screws for the top AND bottom and the door will come out. These hinges do not have removable pins if memory serves me right.
Most of the pin hinges I've worked with are made like this.


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Most of the pin hinges I've worked with are made like this.
Maybe OP will share a picture when the door finally gets removed? And, yes, I've seen those kind also, but less frequently. We've all run into lots of variety over the years!
If that hinge is made the way it looks (to me, after seeing this in a cabinet that was made in the 1800s), you can remove the two screws that are accessible and slide that hinge out, then lift the door off of the steel pin that's part of the other hinge.

Don't be surprised if the pins are just nails. They used what they had.
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