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I am totally with the original poster. I have a permanent bench built along the wall (120" by 27"), but that pretty much holds such things as tool chests, grinders, bench top drill press etc It is used for small non-woodworking projects. Full cabinets underneath and above.

My woodworking "benches" are whatever is available. When the table saw is not being used to cut, it is frequently called into service as a flat assembly bench. A full sized door on saw horses provides a large work surface that can be tucked away after used. Then there are a couple of fold away benches/tables that are also pressed into service when needed.

To me a workbench is a tool. Not an end into itself.

The door-bench once stayed on its horses for two years. It only got put away when I needed the space to park a golf cart.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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