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Firemedic took a job and was a little to busy with work and everything else he was doing so he asked if I would help him build this vanity. So it was his design, I built the box and face frame, milled the molding and turned the rosettes. He built the curved faux drawer, made the door, drawer fronts and applied molding I milled. He is finishing it as we speak. This was all done with our shops about an hour away from each other.

Vanity is Cherry.


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Nice job guys,
Like Batman and Robin. Very snazzy looking, good work.
Mike Hawkins;)
RR can wear tights if he wants :laughing: but not this guy! I still want to know who's who though! :huh: :laughing:

Sweet. How did you do the bow front?
THAT is badass... :thumbsup:

Care to talk about how you did your bowfront drawer front section???

Did you laminate or steam?
The faux drawer front is a bit cheesy in design, really. Being it's fixed I was able to cheat.

There were a couple techniques at play on it. I kerfed a piece of 4/4" cherry to make it bendable. The trim pieces were steamed then set in a clamp to get them bowed close to what I needed (first try without steam and they snapped) Once they cooled down it was all sandwiched in a form. I ended up with more spring back than normal but was able to compensate by squeezing the piece between the face frame - that's a problem though because the horizontal beadings are separate pieces, if I glued those to the drawer then squeezed it the beads would pop off or crack. I ended up putting the whole thing back in the form with an additional thin strip on the back to hold the kerfs together and eliminate the spring back. It worked out.

All in all I am happy with the way RR and I worked together on it. He really did bail me out of job I didn't have time to do and ended up doing the lion's share of the work. That's only the start though, I have been turning down a lot of cabinet jobs over the years because I just don't care to build them. Since we started this project we've decided to collaborate more and we are bidding a couple sizable jobs that I would normally pass on - good for both of us. :thumbsup:
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