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I like to consider most woodworkers on the "above average" scale of life. We are for the most part well read, meticulous types, given to research and development.
I recently stumbled upon a book that I absolutely love! I'm at the point in my woodworking where I'm comfortable in most aspects of joinery, casework etc.. Not to say my skills don't need improvement, because they do, they will always need that.
But I've reached the point of wanting to design and build my own pieces. But with no formal training in design I suffer. I really need a place to start and then I found this book.

Practical Furniture Design: Editors of Fine Homebuilding & Fine Woodworking: 9781600850783: Amazon.com: Books
Understanding the fundamentals of design, what makes a table look good, why do some look good to the eye while others look "off"
This book is a tremendous help in sorting through all the variables.
I was thinking how much help this would have been early on in my woodworking.
I highly suggest this book to anyone looking to further their knowledge and understanding of building and design. This is for the person just starting out as well, given the indepth view it provides as to general construction of furniture. There are no plans, to build from in here, just general quidelines and principles.
I give it a 5 star rating. Check it out!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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