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A little progress on the heirloom blanket chest.

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I posted a while back, but to refresh, this is the concept. To commemorate our 40th. At the rate I'm going with it, maybe it will be done by 2025 :)

It's been a while since I've chip carved, but I went with it, all but one of the five panels I did on one shot. I got the basswood from Arrowhead in MN, great guys to deal with and they will custom cut whatever you want, in my case 12 x 12 panels 5/8" thick.

I'm planning on leaving the basswood unstained, but that could change. The carved panels will be installed after finishing.

Rectangle Wood Font Art Creative arts

Wood Rectangle Wood stain Line Artifact

Progress to date: ready to install cedar bottom, first the legs have to be profiled.

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Profile corners tidied up:

White Wood Textile Metal Pattern

Tableware Wood Flooring Tool Floor

Brown Wood Rectangle Floor Flooring

Brown Wood Table Flooring Rectangle
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That's going to be really nice and it looks like you're doing great work on this. Can't wait to see it finished!
Wow, that's a whole other level of woodworking. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
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Nice job on the carving, looks fantastic. The blanket chest is looking great also. mortise and tendon joinery is a great choice.
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