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Fed up with untidy bottles of loo cleaner etc and the odd toilet roll laying around in our downstairs toilet, I decided to build a corner cupboard to house it all.

Simple MDF back and shelves, with a nice oak face frame and door to give it a bit of class and to give me something to make ! The plywood door panel is painted to match the woodwork in the loo. Didnt remember to take WIP photos, but there is not so much to show. Here are the pics of the finished job.

Decided to use bridle joints for the door, just to make a change from cutting regular mortices :

The oak is stained with water based stain then given a coat of clear poly to protect it.

Added info : the door is held closed by rare earth magnets in the top and bottom that align with others in the case, that holds the door without it closing against anything - no click !
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