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Please excuse the photo methods, I'm working at setting up a website and have a professional photographer coming, but for now my Brother-in-law and his camera will have to do.

The top table is in some sort of 1/4 sawn "African mahogany" but nobody can agree on which one. The grader said Khaya, the yard boss thought sapele, the buyer wasn't sure. The base is reclaimed pine from 100 plus year old floor joists. That's nice pine and I'm almost out. There's a couple of details you can't see, there's a 1/8" reveal between the top and front and back aprons and the legs are tapered on four sides. The finish is shellac and wax. I do this table in walnut and cherry, walnut and maple and solid Euro beech. I have maybe eight man hours in this style and it sells well.

The second is all mahogany, I think this one was in Honduran mahogany, but I can't remember. I do this one in cherry too and may try it in maple. It's actually my favorite of our retail tables and is usually made with scraps. I've done it in a one piece top, but that drives the price up. Having about ten hours in this one, there's not much room to add to what we can get for it. I generally finish this one in shellac and wax.

The third one is something I do when building cabinet doors. It's nothing but a birch plywood box with applied frames and a flat panel door. This one was framed in luan, a wood not used enough I think. Generally I knock a few of these out while doing kitchens or baths, they're very easy and can be done with scraps. I use a couple of Blum hinges on the door and use whatever scrap granite we have laying around. I buy whatever feet I can find cheap and finish the thing in dewaxed shellac and whatever clear I'm spraying the accompanying cabinets in. (This one hasn't been finished yet) I really love this table. It's not fine furniture, but it costs next to nothing to make and sells quickly for a couple hundred bucks.

I do some fine furniture too and we build a couple of lines for other people. I like doing very detailed, almost studio pieces, but I've found that it's hard to pay the bills with that sort of work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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