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A few items I have made

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These days most of the items I make are either cut on the band saw or the scroll saw. Here are a few band saw boxes I built in the past. Working on several others that are not finished. I use allot of Koa, Mango and Monkey Pod that is grown on our Island. Looks like I need to resize the pictures a bit smaller...sorry


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Very nice work. Koa always looks good on projects.
Wow, I'd love to see a video on how you built those!:thumbsup:
Those all look great. I especially like the third one. Is that the monkey pod?
Beautiful projects. I can't wait til I get a band saw.
Nice work.
Thanks for all the kind words. As it so happens, all three of those boxes are made from Koa. You can tell there are all grades in a tree of Koa.
Hey, it's not fair; your band saw boxes are cooler than any of mine :thumbsup: I guess I'd better keep practicing. The 5 I've done were all cut with a 1/4" blade. But I've got a 3/16" on order right now so that I can make tighter turns.

Seriously though, they are very cool. Definitely nicer than mine. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to the forum.
Again I thank everyone for the kind comments. I have used a 3/16 - 10 TPI all along, but I just received an order of blades today and bought a few 1/8th " to give them a try for even tighter corners. If I had to guess, I'd say I have made close to 100 bandsaw boxes in the past couple of years. I see those, trivets and other sea life boxes to the Galleries and they sell most of the items to folks here on vacation.:thumbsup:
Nice work. I've always thought that bandsaw boxes were very clever. I've never tried one...yet.

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Marvelous band saw boxes! Very cool and unique designs and great finish. Beautiful wood as well. Outstanding job!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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