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I wrote a while back about Alex coming to Tucson Woodcraft Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I attended his seminar Tuesday. It was Snodgrass Method through and through.

The 3D cutting board class was yesterday. The news I was saving was that I was the classroom assistant, so I got to spend the day with Alex helping out in the class. I had doubts about the class being able to finish 10 boards, requiring 78 cuts each on a band saw (there was no table saw used), but everyone finished ahead of schedule and every board came out great.

I'm not going to write a long report, but it was one of the best woodworking experiences of my life. I got to spend two full days helping him set up for the seminar and class. Being able to ask him real-time questions and getting his thoughts on how I approach resawing and band saw used in general was awesome. He really is a down-to-earth guy who loves to share what he knows. I learned more than I could possibly share in a forum post.

The final step for the boards before going through the drum sander was for Alex to resaw about 1/8" from each side in order to minimize the passes needed on the sander. He put the stock fence on the Jet JBS 14 and used his 3/8" Carter blade. Zero drift, and perfect veneers.

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