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Hey guys,

Last year, I was fortunate enough to log a lot of overtime hours with my new job (more than the previous 3 years combined). Working all that overtime sure took a chunk out of my social life, hence me not being able to be an active part of this forum.

Ever since I did the Baileigh build, I have really decided that I wanted a full size bandsaw. If I had won that competition, I would have gotten their 14" bandsaw, because I think it would have met all my needs sufficiently. It had a 12" resaw capacity, and a 1.5 hp motor. The price tag was a little steep, at around $1400, but Aaron said I would be able to take 10% off it also.

Back in December, I received an ad/email from grizzly, and in it, a bunch of their bandsaws were discounted $99, or basically the cost of the freight. I then started browsing their selection, and settled on the G0153, because of its 12" resaw capacity, and 2 HP motor. Then it was a matter of what color... the 513ANV which was black, The polar bear series 513P(white), or the basic 513 which is the light grey/green. I thought the polar bear was the best (my wife also loved that one). The best thing is that the bandsaw was $864.... much less than the Baileigh.... Sorry Aaron. Also, judging by some of the threads I saw on here from people dealing with Baileigh, I think I will gamble with Grizzly, and I KNOW that I will be able to get parts for it when/if I need them.

So here it is:

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Pickup truck Bumper

Wood Furniture Hardwood Plywood

Machine Toolroom Tool Bandsaws Machine tool

Machine Machine tool Bandsaw Toolroom Bandsaws

The other thing this saw did for me was to force me to finally liven up my subpanel for the garage. I had NO 240V outlets out there, and this saw was prewired for 240V I am SO GLAD I did, because I then rewired my jointer, and it now runs like a dream.
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