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  • Hello Everyone! Let us know what you would spend a $50 Amazon gift card on, HERE For a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!
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Hello everyone!
We are thrilled to announce a giveaway for a $50 Amazon e-gift card!

To enter, simply reply to this thread with your response to the following question:

How would you spend a $50 Amazon gift card?

To be entered in the drawing you will need to provide direct links to the products on your list in order for your post to be considered!

On July 1st we will do a random drawing to select the winner. The winner will have a few days to message this account with their information (following the announcement) or another random winner will be selected.

Let us know what you would purchase if given the $50 Amazon e-Gift Card! Head to amazon.com to get started!

馃憖Please Read Before Posting!馃憖
Direct links to Amazon items must be posted in order to be considered.
Canada and US gift cards will be given.
The Amazon Gift cards can only be used for North American Amazon purchases.

Responses to this thread should be limited to entering the giveaway.

Thank you for giving our little give away a shot! And good luck!

~Community Management Team

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My Wife keeps telling me we have money to buy the things I'd like to have for my hobbies. My direct deposit from work goes into the bank, and she handles our finances. I honestly can't even tell you what we have in the bank. She's very good with our money. But I feel "guilty" buying stuff for myself. With a gift card, I'd buy some replacement blades for saws, or sandpaper for disc and belt sanders. There are several little bits and pieces I just can't bring myself to buy, when the existing one works "well enough".

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I purchased a small lathe last year that had a broken power supply, which I replaced with an adjustable bench top power supply I typically use with my various electronic projects. I would really like to buy a dedicated power supply for the lathe, such as this one from Amazon:
DC Power Supply
I have also been considering ordering a manual for my JTS-10 table saw:
Table Saw Manual


where's my table saw?
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I never can have enough hardwood to create something with. I retired about a year ago and finally, I have the time to really enjoy something. I started out cutting dovetails by hand and then started making boxes. I moved on to end-grain cutting boards and I want to start making furniture. I also took up woodcarving, I enjoy making things.

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So many wishes鈥ot enough magic lamps to grant them鈥UT鈥f I鈥檓 lucky enough to win this I would buy a new sharp and shiny bit:
And I鈥檇 also buy some epoxy resin:
Now I gotta go rub on some lamps!
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