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4 x 8 panel cross cuts

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This topic came up in another thread, and I had forgotten that I had an easy solution for occasional cross cutting 4 x 8 panels. I made a guide for my circular saw that is 90 degrees square to the length by using the factory end of the plywood to set up the guide. It's close enough for my work! :laughing: Two clamps keep the guide from shifting. Measure the distance from the saw blade to the saw base and add that dimension behind the cut line. In this case 1 1/2" clamp it up and saw away! :thumbsup: bill


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Checking for "square"

To check a square for "square" draw a line across the plywood using the edge to be checked. Flip the square to the other side of the plywood and draw another line close to the first and see if they are parallel. If not, it's one of two things: the edges of the plywood aren't parallel (not likely) or the square is not "square". Adjust the square to 1/2 the distance "off" and try again. Generally speaking aside from bargain sheets, the plywood is close enough to square for the jobs I do. A drywall square can also be used as a reference since it's got a 48" long leg.
I also use a ball point pen when doing layouts since it makes a fine, but dark line for accuracy.:thumbsup: bill
Great idea!

I'm leaving now to make it that way. Thanks:thumbsup:
Wood: If you were to make the 4' cross pc a few inches wider, put a strait pc of hardwood on it and rip the pc with your saw than you would have a guide that is EXACTLY on your cutline. just make your marks, clamp it as you do right now and cut no measuring at all:yes:
Great jig idea tho. I got tired if em and bought a slider attachment for my saw :}. I just ruff rip em then finish on TS. It is a few extra mins and cuts but soooooooo much better and easier for me.
Tearout? Square?

Just cut "bad side up." or use tape as suggested. :thumbsup:
Square is relative. This jig cost about $5 and is not as accurate as a $15,000 sliding table saw, but close enough for my purposes. See post above for squaring and adjusting a square. How do you check a 4 x 8 sheet end for square if you don't have a good square other than a diagonal measurement? Lets say the diagonal measurements are different....which end is out of square?:blink: I suppose the 3, 4, 5 triangle is OK, but we just measured and marked 3 times with a tape measure... accurate?:blink: bill
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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