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4 x 8 panel cross cuts

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This topic came up in another thread, and I had forgotten that I had an easy solution for occasional cross cutting 4 x 8 panels. I made a guide for my circular saw that is 90 degrees square to the length by using the factory end of the plywood to set up the guide. It's close enough for my work! :laughing: Two clamps keep the guide from shifting. Measure the distance from the saw blade to the saw base and add that dimension behind the cut line. In this case 1 1/2" clamp it up and saw away! :thumbsup: bill


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I see there was no mention of using the proper blade...I mean, cross cutting a 4x8 ply panel tends to chip out the top side when using a circular saw. The cross cut jig is nice...but setting up a jig using a 4x8 sheet is just wrong. Most every sheet I`ve found has one end out of square. Still, nice jig. When I cross-cut a panel...I use a Bosch jig saw after scribing a line with a knife...then block plane to square. A slight negative hook blade works well for cross cutting ( less chiping). Of corse, using a radial arm will chip out the bottom side unless you have the right blade. Today, you can buy down cutting blades for a jig saw...and some even have a boot insert to minamize chipping. Note, when using a down cutting blade in a jig saw...set the cam ation to O. Also, the down cutting blade was designed for cutting counter tops. Rick
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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