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4 x 8 panel cross cuts

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This topic came up in another thread, and I had forgotten that I had an easy solution for occasional cross cutting 4 x 8 panels. I made a guide for my circular saw that is 90 degrees square to the length by using the factory end of the plywood to set up the guide. It's close enough for my work! :laughing: Two clamps keep the guide from shifting. Measure the distance from the saw blade to the saw base and add that dimension behind the cut line. In this case 1 1/2" clamp it up and saw away! :thumbsup: bill


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Thanks for this old thread. I modified Bill's design a tad and wanted to share in case it helps someone else. I pinned the two corners along the cross cut line with a single screw, and used a scrap of T-Track on the third, so now its a miter crosscut jig.

Since I have a small shop, a small table saw, and often want to break down partial sheets indoors, I made it for cross cutting only up to 3ft. I can extend that with a straightedge for longer cuts. I need to make a new extension straightedge with a dogleg to help mark the cutline, like Sky suggested.
here's a couple

Wood Table Plywood Floor Flooring

Wood Table

I'm busy cleaning up before busting the slab for new posts & footers, and coming across this jig and remembered I had not yet thanked the thread for the idea.
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