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Anyone used them yet? I guess that's about 33% more cuts per given distance just wondered if anyone has used one yet and how you like it.
I need a 1" round over my 3/4" is just too small for my present project. I looking for a 3 wing 1" round over bit with a 1/2" shank but can only find 3 wing slot cutters.

I also bought this 80 piece set I stumbled across. It seems like a steal and I would have passed thinking it can't be any good but the reviews by users convinced me it is a great deal for a set of bits which will see occassional use. Like one guy said (paraphrased) "....if I use each bit one time and throw it away it is still a great deal at this price ......"
I use my 1/4" through 3/4" round over bits frequently and they have to be top notch, but this 80 piece set looks like a great deal for such a wide variety of 1/2" shank router bits. Some of them 3 wing cutters too. :thumbsup:

Anyway rambling again as usual - my question is does anyone know where I can find a 1" 3 wing round over. Will just stick with the standard 2 cutter if I can't find one pretty quick. Need to put it to work asap.
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