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I had been trying for a while to get some free time to go pick up a 20" Clement. I just got my 8" Clement done and had been on the look out for a large one for a while. I had found this one and was finally able to carve out some time. This involved taking a flat belt drill press to Rockford, IL and stopping off in the Chicago Suburbs to drop off my 316 Fay and Egan jointer I had found a buyer for.

Anyways, picking this machine up was uneventful. Just pull up, get the lift, sit on the trailer and strap it down. The rest of the day was to be very eventful.

This machine has a few interesting things going on. One is the outfeed table machining, the other is an Oliver cutterhead....

I got the wrench for the cutterhead bolts, but two of the four prongs are broken. I shall investigate that further when I get the chance.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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