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Treated only weighs more (to amount to anything) until it drys back out. The lumber is kiln dried and either banded to go, or put in the pressure treatment plant. The treated lumber bundle is banded while it's still soaking wet. At least, that's the way they do for treated Yellow Pine around here. No incisions in it around here. What is available locally will vary in different parts of the country.

I keep some drying here all the time. I don't use it for finish parts, like handrails or steps, until it's dry. I don't like to make something out of it, that I want to keep movement to a minimum, until it has dried for at least a year. I check it with a moisture meter, of course, but if a board is going to move too much, it will do the most of that moving when it is getting close to dry again. So sometimes you don't know until it's close to a year old.

The steps in the link below were made from treated pine that we had drying for well over a year. We pick clear boards to dry. One side is jointed flat, and then planed to desired thickness. In this case the other original finish boards were 1-1/16" thick, so that's what we ran these down to. I don't know if you can tell in the photo, but all the surfaces are hand planed to match others in the old house. Paint doesn't stick well to treated wood, unless it's completely dry. They're dirty because they are used a lot, but haven't been painted since we built them in 2009.

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