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I beg to differ with Cabinetman.
The goal of pressure treating is to resist rotting due to the action of bacteria and fungi in wet soils. Guaranteed 40 years in the ground here, both plywood and posts. Post penetration is about 1/2", more near the ends. In other places, perhaps insect infestation is a bigger threat.

Shear, brashness and other values can be measured easily for any species, they do differ a little. Moisture content control is another headache for testing. Plus, it's done with weird cuts of lumber like radial, tangential and transverse directions. Quarter-sawn sort of evens out the radial/tangential values. Plus, there's reduced movement on drying.

Every year without fail, my dendrology students looked forward to the labs for measuring wood strength. The numbers are in several books, all we did was to try to approach/confirm the established range of values ("range of values" = it ain't one fixed number.) from the Mean +/- SD.
Three hours of serious busting boards in a 20-ton press. Almost as good as beer & pizza.
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