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I've got an old table saw. Not really sure what brand it is, but here's what I know.

Written on front "Manufactured for Lowe's Companies LTD.
MFGR date: 1986-3
Serial # 021809
Item # 90182

10" 1.5hp table saw

Im looking for some replacement parts / manual.

Any help?

where's my table saw?
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probably no parts or manual

Unless on Ebay. After 10 years it's hard to get parts for most tools.
At most, a manual may give you part numbers, but then what if they aren't available anyhow...? Operation procedures are pretty standard for table saws. Search a Grizzly 10" table saw, download the PDF manual and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to do. You Tube has a lot of safety videos. Search table saw safety.


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