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Got this lane cedar chest as a gift from the original owner. She said they didn't do anything except remove the lock because of the recall.

It has a laminate top. I didn't know lane ever made them in laminate and the grain pattern/color doesn't quite match the bottom 100%. I looked at pics online but didn't see another like this one. Emailed Lane hoping for original pics but haven't heard back yet.

This unit does have wheels and all original hardware but the wheels were removed for transport. It's 51" long.

It's style# is 2902-77 and was made 3/15/68 in factory 2. Any ideas on what you would do with this piece or another place I can find an original pic? The original owner is packing for a nursing home move so her pics aren't an option right now.

Thanks for the suggestions.


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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