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A few months I got a nice second hand Ryobi R180 Router. It came without the 1/2 collet. No problem, I thought, I'll just order one. Well, easier said than done. There's none to be had at Ryobi nor anywhere else online.

I started checking Craigslist and E-Bay on a daily basis. A couple days ago my diligence paid off. That morning I couldn't sleep and got up really early. I decided to check both sites. Lo and behold: I found an E-Bay seller who was selling the same model with several collets in both sizes.

I emailed him right then and asked about the 1/2 inch collets. The seller was willing to sell one of the collets through E-Bay. Short story: a 1/2 inch collet should be here Friday!! Yippie!!

Now to get some 1/2 router bits.....
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