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  1. Need help upgrading/rebuilding my bathroom cabinets

    Design & Plans
    I'm looking to upgrade the look of my bathroom vanity. Instead of replacing it completely I thought I'd just swap the panels. So instead of the plastic-like white, I'd like it to be a nice walnut wood. Basically simple flat panels, like the existing ones. Question is, how? (I'm not experienced...
  2. Help with hinges on unusual project

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello all! I'm a bit desperate for some advice, as I'm about to pounce on a miniatures project that's out of my ordinary. I'm a dollhouse person, and I'm at present looking to turn a baby cello into a wall-hanging miniature dollhouse. My conundrum is about hinges. I would like the cello case to...
  3. Desk Design Advice

    Design & Plans
    Hello. I recently saw a dining room table design (below) that I think would make a fantastic desk. Only problem is, it doesn't come in a desk size and I have no idea how to build the base. Anybody have any ideas or know of similar desk design plans they can share that I might be able to use? Not...
  4. I've turned my wood projects into a 6yr old watch company with a patent

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, thanks for having me on the forum! I think my story might stand out a bit as I've got both a wood working background and product design. In college, in 2012, my design thesis was a collection of wood watches. I went this route because I wanted to craft an alternative to what I had...
  5. What paint to use on toys, table, bed

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello, I am newbie woodworker and I was trying to find out in my country (Slovakia), what are the best paints for different purposes. But I found out that it is not very easy task. Please help me with it: 1. What opaque paint to use on wooden toys? I have some toys for my kid that can be thrown...
  6. Holding force of screws from the backside

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, my names Brendan This is my first post! I have built many non professional and 1 professional climbing gym in my life. Probably not something a lot of people on this forum can say lol. So I'm just a guy that has a life of woodworking but a hobby of climbing and thus sometimes the two have...
  7. wood species?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    My older son works for a tank manufacturer that builds tanks for fertilizer sprayers, fire trucks, etc. They receive large bunks of stainless steel or aluminum and in between the bunks are large "stacker" boards that normally measure around 3"x4". The boards are rough and sometimes weathered...
  8. Removing asphalt tar type glue off from mahogany tiles (plane it off?)

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello! Newbie here. Starting to do woodworking. I bought 80 m² of mahogany wood tiles like those in the photos attached to this thread. I am to use half of them to refloor my workshop (40m²), and planning to upcycle the rest. Photos on smugmug...
  9. Inexpensive Wood for Bowl Turning

    Looking for inexpensive wood for Bowl Turning.
  10. Advice on buying a mini to mid size lathe

    Hi, I am new to wood turning and am trying to buy a small entry level lathe. My price range is $500-$1000. I am trying to limit the size because I don't have a large space in my garage for it. I want to have a portable one to put on a table when I using it. Any suggestions is much appreciated...
  11. Maple identification

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I'm trying to identify what kind of maple this board came from. The tree was from middle TN. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Magnetic Wooden Blocks

    Design & Plans
    I decided it would be fun to make some magnetic wooden blocks for my girls. Here is my build process. It's pretty simple and straight-forward. Anyone with a few basic tools could get this done in an hour or two.
  13. Mystery Wood

    General Woodworking Discussion
    So I picked up some of this wood last year as well as a different type from the same lady. She claimed on craigslist that it's called "silver oak" and the other one is called "inia". Not surprisingly, neither of which I could find.
  14. DIY Camera Stand

    Tips, Tricks, & Homemade Jigs
    As we evolve as a woodworking community, more and more people use photo and video to get their work seen by others. I faced many challenges in trying to get better quality content to my feeds for sharing. After checking out a few designs for camera stands, i came up with this design. if you want...
  15. Wooden triangle shelves - invisible connection no glue

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi there! I designed a few cool triangle shelves for a furniture company. Although I found some DIY instructions on the net, I did not found the one that suits me. http://themerrythought.com/diy/diy-wooden-triangle-shelves/ All of the DIY instructions either glue it, or use bolts on the end...
  16. Oat & Cedar joining to repair chair joint

    I’m totally new to woodworking and my first project is to fix a 2 month old “solid wood” chair that broke into 3 pieces. It literally split in the leg joint. I’ve chiseled out the broken wood and am planning to use a piece of cedar shingle to fill the hole, add wood glue and use metal bolts to...
  17. Any Jewelers? Ring making. Wood, metal, and stone.

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi all, Looking for input from anybody who has experience as a jeweler, in ring making (Out of any material, professional or not), working with fine metals, etc. I've been making a few wooden rings from veneer, and they're proving to be very fun, simple, quick, and rewarding little projects...
  18. best finish for this table

    Wood Finishing
    I am refinishing a coffee table and am unsure which finish to use. The table top has spaces in-between each pice of wood about a cm deep. I would like to use a finish that will fill those spaces and create a smooth finish for easier cleanup and to prevent crumbs and dust from getting stuck. Any...
  19. market for olive wood

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello woodworkers, The farm I'm working on now will remove a lot of olive trees (O. europaea). We would prefer them to be made into nice objects instead of just being burned. So we are looking how to market the wood as turning blanks or boards to make furniture. If anyone could advice me on...
  20. Suggestions for wood - armoire

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi - I'm attempting to build a lightweight, but sturdy armoire roughly 7ft h x 3ft w x 20in d. I considered using pine for my 4 legs (2in x 2in x 8ft cut to 7ft) where I would attach pine board with dowels. Problem is, I'm not sold on pine. It's lightweight and cheap, but tends to warp...