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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm Steve, I'm from Denver. I'm carving wood since 2009. Well, it's been a while. Now I've been thinking to go into woodworking for a bit. I want to learn to make a table, a chair, and other stuff. Wondering what you'd recommend me to start with? Luckily I have time now with all this corona "fun"
  2. Wood Finishing
    Howdy! I recently just finished carving a sign for a buddy to propose to his girlfriend and he wants me to stain around the letters but not stain in them. Does anyone have an easy and fast ways to get this done? I have thought about using tape but I do not think that it will keep the stain out...
  3. Design & Plans
    I have an odd question... I'm an industrial design student and I want to make a lamp that looks like a log, but is hollowed out so thinly that some light can pass through. I know this won't work with a wood that has a thick bark, but do you think it would work with something like birch? I know...
  4. Joinery
    Hello, I will try to say this as best I can. My grandparents own a pretty large tree service here in Central California. As you might guess, they bring back to the shop, TONS (literally) of wood. I took a woodworking class in college, so I know there is a demand for different kinds of wood. My...
  5. Design & Plans
    Hello everyone! I am currently constructing a restaurant in South Pasadena, California. The building was built in 1923, un-reinforced masonry. All of the original framing was still in place. However, we needed to remove several of the walls in order to make room for our floor plan. We saved...
1-5 of 6 Results