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  1. Charring gone wrong

    Wood Finishing
    I asked this question on top of another post but I figure it may be easier to just post it separately. I was charring a pine table top last night and to my dismay, I found that when I was done that the sides had warped upwards. I imagine this is from the heat of the torch shrinking the fibers on...
  2. I straightened out the cupping on my live edge walnut table...now what?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I straightened out this bookmatched walnut live edge table by putting it over sawhorses, put hotplate and steaming water under it and covering it with plastic. It did the trick...it is flat once again! But, now how do I keep it that way? I have a kiln (foam box and dehumidifier)...should I put...
  3. Slightly warped boards for table top

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Just noticed that a couple of the boards I bought a few weeks ago for a table top are slightly warped across the length. Six foot boards for a planned five foot table top are, when laid on a flat surface, maybe a quarter inch high at the center or ends. Not sure if I just failed to look...