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  1. Design & Plans
    Hello All, Looking to get a violin scroll extension made for myself, similar to the design in the image attached. Would anyone be willing to make it for me, I can reimburse you for the efforts, and provide all the necessary tech specs for it? Thanks!!
  2. Project Showcase
    This is my electric melting clock violin that complements my clock bass guitar and yes they are left handed! LEFTY'S RULE. I put scratches in it. Made from pine so super light. The neck I busted off of a mendini violin. I still need to add the transducer that will pickup the sound through a...
  3. Project Showcase
    Hello. haven’t been on in awhile. This is my new electric violin I made. Not made electric yet but I post anyways. It will have a transducer attached to it, which I’m waiting to get money for. I’ve did this thing before and know it works. I took the neck off a righty medini violin that used to...
  4. Project Showcase
    I made this thing from poplar. Its kinda on the heavy side since its not hollow. Has a black and white ebony chin rest and uses a shadow violin transducer. No wiring! just plug in and play! I made it for metal music that explains the design.
  5. Project Showcase
    bought two pieces of bloodwood from bell forest (my favorite wood):icon_cool:. one blank was for the neck and the other for the smaller parts. The body is walnut stained black. Just used a shadow violin transducer stuck in the bridge and the jack mounted in the body. No wiring!
  6. Project Showcase
    I bought the ebony of ebay, black and white ebony! Its kind of heavy but still playable. Had to scrape the wax off the wood. Its an electric, but there is no wiring, I just used a shadow violin transducer and it works! yes its left handed take that righties!!!
  7. Project Showcase
    though I have yet to install the pickup, woods used Mahogany, Ebony, Black and White Ebony, Poplar, I bought a sigma dp1x camera so I could get these really clear shots. Got tired of using my canon powershot.
  8. Project Showcase
    This is an acoustic violin, I stumbled on a similar acoustic violin on ebay and had to make one, atleast my way..lol - Its screwed together except for the finger board I glued that on. Needed two pieces of pine for the back and top a little over 1/4 thick each piece and chose poplar to be the...
  9. Project Showcase
    made from wood from Dobson Pipe Organ Builders. <--- thats where I work as a cleaner. anyway poplar neck and mahogany body. Made a little mistake cutting the center of the body out, one side is a little wider than the other, but it is fixable! For now I'm not making it truly electric I'm going...
  10. Project Showcase
    Just posted one like this before, but now I made one out of walnut! looks better than the other one too. Uses a schatten violin pickup and a typical guitar pot and jack.
  11. Project Showcase
    I made this out of poplar and black and white ebony. It uses a shatten pickup and has guitar tuners. It was inspired by Nightwish's latest album because of the cd artwork and Marco's bass guitar, so I thought a violinist like me should have something wild too. I aslo made one that looks like a...
  12. Project Showcase
    I made this thing electric, well not quite yet but it will be! I think I got it figured out how the neck should go on, before I had them really high compared to this one. I made my own tailpiece and I added a scroll to the neck.
  13. Project Showcase
    Well it is not a traditional shape at all obviously but it does work! I previously made another violin post with a violin that looked more traditional and borrowed the neck from that violin to attach onto this one. I bought a piece of Black and White Ebony on Ebay last Saturday for the body of...
  14. Project Showcase
    long time since I been on here, bought a piece of black and white ebony on ebay for 60 dollars which was 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 x 18 3/4 a week ago and I made a home made violin neck from it to attach to the pine body of the violin. It looks awesome! used guitar tuners instead of traditional pegs, I just...
1-14 of 14 Results