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  1. How to get scratches out of white vinyl window frame

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I tried everything I had to cut off a screw that an installer left high of the 2 x 6 but it seemed pretty hard. Even bought a 6" grinding stone coated blade and thought I was being careful but found scratches in the frame. I gave up and notched out for the screw (could have done that...
  2. Help me find this type of hinge.

    I am building a cabinet very similar to the pictures I will link to. I am trying to determine what type of hinge is being used to let the door pull/tilt out. I have tried several but have not worked that well. But I have never been able to find the exact one that cabinets like this use...
  3. Need help customizing wood dash trim

    Wood Finishing
    I'm hoping someone can give me a little insight on this task. the attachede pictures, give an idea of what I'm trying to so. I have 2000 cl500 dash trim which the color is defined as chestnut or chestnut burl. My goal is to go from that 3 part radio which is considered 2.5 din, down to a 2 din...
  4. Vinyl Moldings

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    Hi guys..Do I have to worry about shrinking/buckling with exterior cellular vinyl molding? Can't get a straight answer from HD or the company that supplies it. Among other building modifications, am using 24" high ext ply (preprimed & painted) as fascia aroung a building. Along the bottom...