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  1. Sealing Wood with CA

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, I've just starting woodturning with a 25 year old lathe and wood from my garden. Most of my wood is not well dried out, some has just been cut, and is mainly Oak from a dead tree & Olive. It struck me after turning my first pen blank and finishing it with a CA glue finish that this...
  2. Pen Tracking Form to Share

    I have been making pens lately. I use paper forms to track them as I make them. I thought others might like to see my forms as well. In case you want to make your own pen tracking forms, my forms look like this: PEN MAKING RECORD Kit Type: Drill Size: Wood Type: Insert Glue: Finish: Notes: My...
  3. Need help with an old Craftsman lathe

    Hello everyone, hoping some of you could help me out. My wife was recently given her grandfather's old Craftsman lathe, model 113.23881. She has turned a few candlesticks and holders and similar items but REALLY wants to turn a bowl. I am hoping to find what she needs to do that and purchase...
  4. Inexpensive Wood for Bowl Turning

    Looking for inexpensive wood for Bowl Turning.
  5. Advice on buying a mini to mid size lathe

    Hi, I am new to wood turning and am trying to buy a small entry level lathe. My price range is $500-$1000. I am trying to limit the size because I don't have a large space in my garage for it. I want to have a portable one to put on a table when I using it. Any suggestions is much appreciated...
  6. market for olive wood

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello woodworkers, The farm I'm working on now will remove a lot of olive trees (O. europaea). We would prefer them to be made into nice objects instead of just being burned. So we are looking how to market the wood as turning blanks or boards to make furniture. If anyone could advice me on...
  7. Berkey & Gay

    Searching for anyone interested in turning a few of these. Note that there are two styles, one with clipped ends, the other is full-round. Willing to cover shipping both ways and pay for services. Please feel free to contact me here first, then we will move to private discussion for contact info...
  8. Are Harbor Freight lathes any good?

    Hello I am a young wood worker looking for some advice from the "Pro's". I am extremely interested in wood turning and am hoping to purchase a lathe in the next couple weeks. I am looking at a 12 In. X 33-3/8 In. 3/4 HP Wood Lathe With Reversible Head from Harbor Freight on the account that...
  9. Turned Ice Cream Scoop

    Woodworking Videos
    Here is one that I made recently. This Ice Cream Scoop kit project was a lot of fun to make. It was really easy, and can be done in about an hour. As always you can check out my site over at woodlogger.com For more pictures/videos of what I'm doing in my shop, or if you want to check out a...
  10. Patriotic Pen CLIPS?

    Hey I'm looking to buy some American Flag/Patriotic Pen clips for a big project due next May. I've looked on both Pen State, and Craft Supplies USA to no avail. Anyone have a good lead?
  11. oak and metal

    oak and copper
  12. Doctors Woodshop Finish Question

    I know a lot of users on this site use Doctors Woodshop finises, so I am hoping your experience can help me out. I bought several products from him and absolutely love the results and ease of application. I just finished a stopper that was a burl of some kind and it contains 3-4 worm holes. I...
  13. Drilling Big Ben Cigar Pens

    Fairly new to the wonderful world of pen making and really, heavy powertool machinery as well. I've read that these Big Ben cigar pen tubes are 10mm and even on the site I ordered from (penn state) it says I need a 10mm drill bit. I purchased one from a local shop supply, but after drilling the...
  14. Glue Foil Tape for Pen Issue

    So for my third pen (I’m new to turning), I wanted to attempt the celtic knot. I used a light colored wood for the blank (cypress), and walnut for the knot - outlined in aluminum foil. I glued alum foil on both sides of the walnut using CA glue, the Gorilla Glue brand. I did the same when gluing...
  15. circle cutting logs for bowl turning

    Okay, I'm having trouble with my bandsaw cutting my logs into bowl blanks. The logs are split and 8" - 10" thick. When I try to cut the logs into circles, the blade pulls to the right and starts to bind. The bottom of the blade gets twisted more than the top. I even built a circle cutting jig...
  16. green turning bowls from Hurricane Sandy

    My area has a lot of fallen trees from Hurricane Sandy. I'd like to turn some of this stuff green. I've only turned dried wood. So, a question. I hear I should rough turn the bowl to 10-15% wall thickness and let it dry for months before finish turning it. My normal method is to use a faceplate...
  17. I need to buy a small wood lathe, any suggestions?

    Hey guys, Sorry if these posts are frowned upon. But there are so many offerings out there, and lots of little unknown shops producing nice stuff in the tool world that there is just no way for me to be able to find all of them in time. My workpeices are consistently 2" length and 3" diameter...
  18. Kiln dried walnut 3 x 3 x 12"

    Set of four kiln dried Walnut 3 X 3 X 12". Each piece is solid dark and kiln dried 7-10%. Beautiful Walnut grain and color in each piece. Each set is $30 which includes delivery within the U.S.
  19. Lathe Safety Question

    I haven't purchased a tool as yet, but from what I have read and seen on videos (Youtube) woodturning and making bandsaw boxes looks relaxing and like a lot of fun. I am really concerned about safety though. My work schedule is such that I have to take time to turn when I can, so I'd like the...
  20. Any Lathe Owners/Clubs?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a group or individual in the central Missouri area that owns/operates a wood lathe and would be willing to instruct a amateur guy like myself on it's proper use and any additional teaching. I would reimburse the group/person for their time and any wear on...