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  1. Best Sources for Baby Toy Parts - Paints, Rods, Springs, etc.

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Last May, I became an uncle once again after a 30 year "drought." (Father: 52, Mother: 48, first marriage and first baby for both!) I am looking for good sources of supply for the following, so I can build "heirloom" toys for my nephew. Here is what I am looking for: * Bright, shiny...
  2. From newbie--Mahogany lighter after cutting?

    Wood Finishing
    I am building a toy airplane, and some of the parts are made from African mahogany. The freshly sanded and cut areas are much darker than the parts that I left alone. I have heard that mahogany darkens over time, so I assume it will eventually even out, but do I need to wait before finishing...
  3. Marble Machine Funbox

    Project Showcase
    This box (Marble Machine) produces silly sounds… Put a bering ball on the red chute, it rolls down a carrousel chute which swings the ball to one of the 15 holes leading to different items to produce the sounds. The items are a door bell (on the red door!), clock gong (the black spiral thing)...
  4. Baby Doll Bed

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey folks, My niece's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and she's big into barbie dolls. I was thinking of putting together a little barbie doll bed. This is a little different than other subjects I've used (lots smaller). Anyone have any sketches, plans, or similar drawings they'd...
  5. Newbie needs advice on paint for toys!

    Wood Finishing
    Hey guys! I'm just getting into a bit of woodworking, and I'm having a terrible time finding any precise info on paint. I'm hoping by asking more experienced people directly, I might get a real answer. I'm making toys, and I have NO idea what paint to use. I want something that is (obviously)...
  6. Some new toys

    Project Showcase
    I haven't been around for a while because I was really busy trying to get my wife and my toy business going. I made few new toys and I'm constantly working on expanding the lines. Here is the new Mini Roller Series, starting with my bug next the racecar the bus and the monstertruck Also I...