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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello there, I have recently received my late uncle’s shopsmith mk-5 and it has a ton of accessories to go with it. He also had built a ton of jigs for it. It is in very good condition. My problem is that I have one of everything it does so I do not need it. I have the original manual for it as...
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey there, I’m wanting to buy a set of carbide lathe tools to reduce the amount of time I spend sharpening my tools. I mostly do bowl turning and sometimes spindle turning. What are the best or most highly recommended brand to buy? I know a full set of any of the. Is going to set me back a fair...
  3. Power Tools & Machinery
    I took my planer apart to move and now after putting everything back together I can't get the gears that lower and raise the table to mesh. I don't see any adjustment to make. Any suggestions?
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I've just used my homemade scraper made from a hack saw blade which was not good anymore. I found it easier to scrape the existing finish off a curved drawer edge instead of sanding. I hope this will help someone else, as I don't really like sanding which is messy too. This is the...
  5. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have a DMC Top and Bottom sander, Can anyone tell me anything about it?
  6. Hand Tools
    I have a bunch of hand saws and a few other tools given to me in old saw boxes by both sides of my family. I need help IDing the saws and their use. I plan on using them all in my shop but some have some bends and some look like they need to be cleaned up but don't want to ruin any! Link to...
  7. Woodturning
    Looking for inexpensive wood for Bowl Turning.
  8. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi everyone, this is my first post so bear with me. I caught the woodworking bug when my fiance decided to task me with one of the thousand "must-haves" she came across on pinterest. It was a wooden disk endtable with iron piping for the legs.. I have always been a handy man, I grew up working...
  9. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi - I need help making miter cuts where the angle is unknown and changing. I'm making the front of a train to put in my son's room: I'm making the front cattle guard of it and I'm having a hell of a time cutting the slats!! It's angled in two directions/axis'. Does anyone have any tips to...
  10. General Woodworking Discussion
    So being a relative noob at cutting wood, I figured I would get some opinions here before I start. I have a 2x4 stock for a crossbow that I am working on, I used my bandsaw to get it shaped nicely. Now I am faced with the issue that while my cut outs are done, all of the hard edges of the wood...
  11. Tips, Tricks, & Homemade Jigs
    Hi. Does anyone know the best way to cut large, precise, angled cuts like the ones on these stools? (I imagine the stools are about 18 inches tall.) Thanks. ...And BTW, thanks for all your help and advice so far with my other posts guys. Your generosity with your knowledge is beyond appreciated.
  12. Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    Hi, I am a consultant working on a project in the tool industry and I would greatly appreciate your insight for my project! I was wondering whether carpenters use levels in their work, and if so, how many levels do carpenters own? Is brand important for a level? If so, which brands do you...
  13. Hand Tools
    Hello, my name is Jessie and I am pretty new to woodworking. I have done a lot of helping and building with my dad and in one year of tech ed about a decade ago, but I am now in the position of trying to find my own tools. :eek: I was wondering if anybody knew of an infographic or a slide...
  14. General Woodworking Discussion
    I need a tough general purpose bench-top drill press for both drilling/hole-sawing wood and drilling metal. I had a really old very heavy monster of a machine that finally burned up. Is the Grizzly G7943 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press a solid machine? I work with wood and metal and...
  15. Project Showcase
    Hi all. Just looking for some feed-back on this invention of mine. I have been using it on the job for a few years now with great success... Wondering if anyone else thinks it would be useful. See the video of how it works here: http://youtu.be/zzzxMshGG7g Pat Pending. 14/051,726
1-16 of 36 Results