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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi All, Newly signed on from Cork, Ireland. Will be starting construction of my workshop shortly and would like your input regarding window detail waterproofing. My plan is to clad the exterior in 7x1 rough timber so would be interested to hear your thoughts on breather membrane cuts/folds and...
  2. Timber Framing
    Permaculturist Paul Wheaton just released a tour of his lab in Montana, featuring some incredible roundwood timber frame projects, including a couple of earth-termed, earthen-roofed homes called "Wofatis," and a recently finished experimental Complete Passive Greenhouse. Beautiful, innovative...
  3. Project Showcase
    My try at timber framing. Made sketchup model. Found fallen logs in wood, took them out, made them square using chainsaw and axe. Then Lots of googling and learning later it all came together.
  4. Timber Framing
    Hello timberworkers! I would like to build an octagonal gazebo, timber framed. Does anyone here know any resources on which joints to use? I'll gladly buy a book or pay for a plan, provided it is actually timber frame. We were thinking about 4 meters diameter (outside radius about 2.2m). The...
1-4 of 4 Results