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  1. Joinery
    I've been tasked to build a twin bed. the headboard and footboard look similar to the attached drawing, so its a very simple design, the question I have is I've been using pocket join up to now, but I would like to start messing around with mortise and tenon or dowels. Which join would you use...
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, new poster and beginner woodworker looking for advice! I have a wood library/court chair where the back legs have snapped inside in the joint. From what I've read online I believe it the tenon has snapped inside the joint?? I've attached pictures of the snapped tenon stuck inside the...
  3. Joinery
    Hello all, I am looking for a cleaner way to make a wooden training sword. I want to create the handle separate and wish to join it to the guard with a mortise and tenon joint. The hole for the guard is easy, as I can drill it out before I carve it to shape. I am having a heck of a time trying...
  4. Project Showcase
    This is the pantorouter I built and the videos are part of a outdoor potting table I am building for my wife. http://youtu.be/IgiWFPS1WHY?hd=1 Link is for the HD video of my Pantorouter in action.
  5. Woodworking Videos
    Hi Guys. My latest project is a queen sized bed for my wife. The bed is inspired by the Stickley Bed pictured below. There’s three videos in the series so far, and I hope to have more out soon. The quartersawn white oak grain on this wood I have looks really good in person, and I’m excited to...
1-5 of 5 Results