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  1. Joinery
    Looking for help in creating these legs. What would be the best/easiest way? Two piece construction with dowels/dominos or tenons or something else? Does anybody know of videos on this or plans somewhere?
  2. Design & Plans
    I’d like some input regarding using threaded inserts to attach legs to a maple live edge slab. I want to use an insert so the legs can be taken on and off if the table needs to be moved. The slab is roughly 6’ L x 29” W x 2.5” H. All of the inserts I find don’t seem like they are long enough to...
  3. Design & Plans
    Hi, I am extremely new to woodworking and decided to build our dining room table :eek: I am trying to make a rather large table (8 person) however our place is quite small and I wanted to attach removable legs for an easier move down the line. I decided hanger bolts were the best route...
  4. Wood Finishing
    I built a solid black walnut dining table for my wife when we got married and for the most part we love it. The only drawback is how hard it is to move. I move a lot as part of my job and it is difficult to move because I have to cut it in half by taking the table slides off each time I have...
  5. Design & Plans
    I have about 15 live-edge table top slabs that I will be attaching 'hairpin' style steel legs to. The issue that I am having is that some of the slabs warped during the drying process, and so I couldn't plane the bottoms totally flat. So, a given slab might vary in thickness from 3" on one...
  6. Wood Finishing
    I'm designing a table that has branches as legs. This is a project for class so I'm working within a time constraint. I know that wood drys at the rate of 1''/year, but I'm wondering if there are alternative methods for drying. Would a ceramics kiln work? My oven at home? How compromised would...
  7. Design & Plans
    I am making a simplistic coffee table. I want the the top to be out of one piece of wood and have a knot in it that i can knock out. The part that i need help with is the legs i want there to be four legs one by each corner however i don't want to use an apron.
1-7 of 7 Results